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Landscape gardening in Guisborough

💚From stressful to peaceful.💚

When we walked in this garden we knew we had our work cut out. As always we got to it and cleared the area of all waste and grass.

🌞We then marked out the areas and got to it. We have created a really tranquil, peaceful area for this guy to enjoy those warm nights.🌞

We have used the ever popular Indian stone autumn pack for the paved areas and finished with a harvest edging block. We have used sleepers to create some planting areas and created a nice entrance to the outdoor area.

🌲Adding some golden flint gravel for a nice contrast to the area with a mixture of colours. Finally finishing with our artificial topiary spiral trees and boxed hedges. 🌲

This outdoor area is now ready for the summer ahead and many more to come.

For all landscape, artificial and maintenance enquiries look no further than discover landscape.

🌱🌱🌱you envisage, we create.🌱🌱🌱

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