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Artificial grass Redcar

What you looking at!? Oh yeah my front garden 😄

🌱 This front garden was the last job on this ladies list to do and we had to do something we did.🌱

🌱 We stripped the area back to a blank canvas and began the work. Using some edging blocks to add some shapes to the area to break up one side for artificial grass and another for a pathway.🌱

🌱 We then added some beautiful modern plants in the circular area.🌱 🌴🌴🌴

🌱 We then got to work on the Indian stone stepping stones and based up for some artificial grass. 🌱

🌱 We then added two different types of gravel and the best artificial grass in the UK Namgrass Artificial Grass downton which is a 37mm deep thatch and very soft and has a natural look. 🌱

🌱 Now everyone who walks past definitely appreciates it. 🌱

🌱 For all your artificial, landscape and maintenance enquiries look no further than discover landscape. 🌱

🌱you envisage, we create. 🌱

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