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Top Gardening Trends For 2020

Over the past few years, taking pride in your garden space has become extremely popular. With towns such as Guisborough and Saltburn showcasing 'In Bloom' seasons to increase appeal of social spaces for both tourists and local residents.

Guisborough Landscaping Services

At one time gardening and landscaping services were considered a chore for the older generation. Pottering around in the garden and taking care of allotments, very much the hobby of a retiree. There has been a huge switch in demographic over the past few years, with the number of 18-25 increasing by over 230%.

The Royal Horticultural Society have released what they believe to be the trends for this new decade, in particular the next 12 months. Working alongside many horticultural experts and science community teams, combined with the gathering and trends of major garden centres to determine analytical trends and patterns.

It's time to supersize your plants

In 2020, plants are going to take centre stage in gardens, with landscaping designs including focal floral installations. Forget about your modest aloe vera or rubber plant on your window ledge or an ikea mini cactus trio.

This year it’s all about huge, show-stopping greenery in your garden, like alocasia, which has giant leaves and contrasting stems, and monstera , featuring deep green-patterned foliage.

Monstera Plants In Redcar

However, don't go out and panic buy just yet. It's forecasted that plants that are around 6-9cm will still remain popular in design trends though, so don’t completely overlook miniature shapes if you prefer those.

Sustainable soil is gonna be a hit!

Don’t know much about soil? it's just dirt right? Time to do some research.

According to the trends released by the RHS, it's revealed that a soil bacteria known as 'mycobacterium vaccea' is good for our immune systems (great news for families with little ones), which could spark interest in mud pies following on from the popularity of mud kitchens these past couple of years.

Sustainability in landscape maintenance is also going to be a key focus, with gardeners being urged to use environmentally-friendly materials such as wood fibre and green waste compost to help move forward in a greener direction.

Go for a natural look

Pristine plants are no longer the all the rage. Prim and proper is a no go.

As more people become aware of plummeting wildlife populations, after devastation in Australia on a expansive scale recently and the desolation of rainforest across the globe continuing to be a worldwide issue.

Many people are making it a personal goal to do their part in supporting these sort of movements, making place in their homes and gardens for imperfect designs, such as plants that leave seedheads for insects to thrive, as well as a shopping from a wider selection of greenery to maintain an expansive range across the surface of the earth.

Why not look into log piles,bee hotels, wildlife ponds, plants for pollinators and compost heaps of your own, too.

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