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Artificial Lawn installation in Saltburn

From depression to a freshen up!

A lot of lawns I see these days are either unkempt or in need of some feed which is the case in this garden.

As you can see with our preparation work a lot of effort goes into it. With the correct laying methods, the easy part is well laying the grass.

With our most popular grass chosen the results are as always amazing. Completely changing the look and appearance of the property.

Now do we see a little green envy from the other neighbours? .... yes we do!

Looks like the weather is setting in for a hot summer and this outdoor area is well and truly ready for those entertaining or chilled out night.

With results like these, why wouldn't you choose Discover landscape?

📷🌹📷🏵️📷🌹You envisage, we create. 📷🌹📷🏵️📷🌹

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