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Artificial Grass - 5 Reasons For Choosing Namgrass

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

1. No Need to Water

Real turf requires your attention on regular basis. Watering in the early morning and the late evening, choosing a high quality artificial grass such as Namgrass means you never need to spend time watering.

Of course this doesn't mean you NEVER need to apply water to your astroturf. Artificial grass does require occasional cleaning. Simply hosing off the grass with shorts bursts of water is enough to get rid of dirt, great news for your water bill!

2. Child Safe

Artificial lawns don't require any chemicals such as weed killers, pesticides or fertilizers to keep them looking great. This makes them an ideal playground for young ones, with no worry or concern of poisoning.

Alongside the zero chemical mark, the lack of mud and dirt means your children can play all day long without you worrying about dirty clothes and grubby hands.

Many public play areas are now opting for artificial grass as opposed to traditional turf installations due to the many hygiene and safety positives.

Artificial Grass Children's Park

3. It's Low Maintenance

Taking care of your artificial lawn couldn't be easier. Of course there is no need to mow, which is a huge advantage. Many people find mowing the lawn such a chore, but unfortunately it's a necessity when choosing classic turf for your garden.

In fact most larger items such as leaves and debris can be tidied simply with a basic leaf blower, partnered with a bristled broom to manually fluff areas that see a larger footfall.

Artificial turf never grows, so it means you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your new garden with family and friends.

4. It Will Always Look Amazing

Artificial grass can withstand pretty much all weather conditions, whether it be sunny days or frosty nights. This makes astroturf a 365 installation, giving you not only great value for money but also a guaranteed beautiful garden which stays green all year round.

High Quality Artificial Grass Guisborough

5. Never Deal With Pesky Weeds Again

The biggest complaint of naturally turfed lawns is the task of weeding, its something that cannot be escaped and certainly a task nobody enjoys. Garden weed control is a pretty much full time job on its own, taking up vasts amount of time and often money in controlled chemicals.

However with an artificial lawn this issue is completely negated. Its a task that may need to be addressed from time to time, but it's far less of an issue when your have an artificial lawn.

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